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Beloved, welcome to Daily Grace!

As a born again person you have received of the fullness of Jesus Christ, and grace upon grace. Jesus is full of grace and truth, and it is of his fullness that you have received. That makes you a superman or superwoman. That tells you about your supernatural ability and position in Christ. You are not weak. You are not a victim. Stop acting like you are weak. Act like someone who has received of the fullness of Christ.

The very life of Christ is in you. You are unique, beautiful, and powerful. The grace of Jesus Christ saturates your new born again spirit. This means you are divinely enabled to dominate circumstances, the flesh, and satanic forces. You were supernaturally born into the atmosphere of grace. Your new life is one of divine favor after divine favor.

See how blessed you are and how connected you are to Christ!

Grace to you!


Source: GRACE AND TRUTH › Embed Code — Podbean

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