God Answers Your Prayer Instantly

Daily Devotional: Day 9

“And if we know that he [God] hears us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him” (1 John 5:15, KJV).

            Each time you petition the Father for something, he hears you and gives you an answer instantly. God doesn’t need to call for a Board Meeting to decide whether to answer you. He’s not your friend who lives down the street, who decides when to pick your calls. God doesn’t say to you, “Give me some time to think about this. I’ll get back to you soon.” Understand that when you call on God, your request doesn’t go to an answer machine. Your heavenly Father loves you more than you love yourself. In fact, he’s more excited to answer your prayer than you are to receive the answer. Moreover, his Spirit dwells in you as in a temple. Before you pray, he knows what you desire. People get frustrated in prayer, because they don’t know if God has heard them or not. If you ask them, they say, “I know God will answer me” or “I know God will show up.” Years go by and people will still be waiting for an answer. That is sad, and so wrong. The truth is, the first time you pray, God replies instantly with a precise answer. God never processes your prayer.

If you’ve been dealing with uncertainty about the status of your prayer, you’re not alone; I’ve been there countless times. The antidote is intimacy and fellowship with the Father. When you’re intimate with your Father in heaven, you can hear his loving voice distinctly in your heart and you’ll know with certainty that he’s heard you. You won’t need to jump from revival to revival, from prophet to prophet, from church to church, and from novena to novena. Learn from the prayer life of Jesus. Because of his intimate fellowship with the Father, he always knew he’d been heard. For example, before he commanded Lazarus to rise, here’s what Jesus said, “Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me. And I knew that thou hearest me always . . .” (John 11:41-42). When you know the Father hears you always, it frees you from anxiety, uncertainty, doubt and all the related drama.


Father, I know that you love me with the same love you have for Jesus. I thank you that you have heard me. Thank you for all the times you heard my prayer and I didn’t realize. Now I know that you always hear me. Open my ears that I may hear your sweet voice every time you speak to me. In the Name of Jesus, I thank you that you’ve heard me. Amen.

For further study: Daniel 9:20-23; 10:1-15

In the Father’s love,

Pastor Steve

Charis Temple (non-denominational church)

Email: charristemple@gmail.com

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