Home of Glory

Daily Devotional: Day 122

Jesus answered and said to him [Judas], “If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him” (John 14:23, NKJV).

Every normal person goes where he knows he is welcome and accepted. It is the same with God. Jesus and His Father go where they are obeyedloved, and welcome. They don’t just move in with anyone. That is what Jesus is saying to us today. There is only one way to show Jesus that you love Him: by keeping His word, i.e. by doing what He tells you. Jesus adds that if you do this, the Father will love you. And both the Father and the Son will come to you and they shall make Their home with you. Blessed indeed are you if Almighty God and His Son make Their home with you! But this moving in of God has conditions attached to it, as Jesus tells us in the passage. God will not make His home with you if you don’t want that arrangement. Jesus’ message is precise. Therefore, let’s talk about some of its essential aspects.

If you pay attention to Jesus’ words, you’ll notice He doesn’t say that He and the Father will visit you. They are not planning on a visit. Nor are they planning on checking in at your hotel and leave upon completion of their stay. Rather, they are planning on taking up residence with you. They are coming to settle with you – in perpetuity. This is the highest form of intimacy and fellowship with God you can dream of on this earth. Imagine the blessings that will flow from this intimacy. Nothing beats it. 

Next, Jesus says He and the Father will make their home with you. This means they are not planning on being your guests. They are moving in to take over. Henceforth, it shall be their home. They are not coming to rent a room in your house. They will not be tenants in your home. No, they will bring their home to you. They shall be the Host and you shall be the guest. In modern parlance, they shall run the show.

Consequently, you will voluntarily relinquish any, and all, control. They will set the ground rules and dictate the terms of their stay with you. Sin, ungodliness and disobedience shall not be welcome in the home. Only love, holiness and obedience shall be welcome. The Father and the Son shall protect and provide for the home and fill it with the sweet fragrance of their divine presence. They shall love you, teach you, train you, develop you, grant you deeper access to their heart, and mold you into the very image of Christ. This life of fellowship shall be unto you a foretaste of heavenly glory.

 If you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the Father and His Son coming to make their home with you, you’ve made the right decision. Enjoy heaven on earth!

Pray to the Father about today’s message.

For further study: 1 John 2:1-29

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