Completing Our Assignment

Daily Devotion: Day 217 | By Stephen Bilson-Ogoe

“But He [Jesus] said to them [His disciples], ‘I have food to eat of which you do not know . . . My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work’” (John 4:32-34, NKJV).

Jesus’ disciples had gone out to buy food. While they were away, Jesus had a lively discussion with a woman from Samaria who had come to Jacob’s well to draw water. Finally, the disciples returned to find Jesus speaking with the woman. At first, they were surprised, but they didn’t make a big deal of it. Once the Samaritan woman had left, the disciples urged their Master to eat. Today’s Scripture reading tells us what happened next.

Jesus stunned his disciples when He said, “I have food to eat of which you do not know.” This left the disciples wondering if someone had brought Him something to eat. They were thinking about physical food. But, Jesus meant something else. “My food,” He explained, is to do the will of Him who sent me, and to finish His work.” This was Jesus’ secret food; call it His spiritual food.

What Jesus said reveals something profound about His spirituality. Food is necessary for life. Without it, we can hardly survive – let alone thrive. What Jesus meant, therefore, was that His very survival depended on doing the Father’s work and finishing it. This was Jesus’ source of spiritual nourishment.

One more thing: There are two parts to what Jesus said. The first part is doing the will of the Father. The second part is finishing the work. This is very important. It is not enough to do God’s work; it is necessary to complete the work. Why? Because, first, God deserves completed work. And second, for God, only completed work counts. Anything less is unacceptable. Jesus understood this.

Jesus indeed finished His work, as He declares in John 17:4, “I have glorified You on the earth. I have finished the work which You gave me to do.” And again, on the Cross: “It is finished” (John 19:30). Jesus finished His work, not so we will have no work to do, but to give us power to finish ours.

Even among us humans, we expect people to complete their assigned tasks, whether at home, at school or at the work place. No one wants uncompleted work. If you truly are committed to someone or something, you will put in your best effort by completing the work given to you. Uncompleted work is, usually, a symptom of laziness and lack of commitment.

Today, God wants you to draw inspiration from Jesus’ sense of duty, His tenacity and His commitment. Jesus completed His assignmentComplete yours.

May the Lord command His blessing upon you today. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.

For further study: Matthew 25:14-30

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