100 Positive Affirmations for 2020

As we begin a new year, I’d like you to prophesy over your life by confessing the following as boldly as you can:

  1. I am grateful for the past year.
  2. I am delighted about the year 2020
  3. I welcome the new year with joy
  4. I am letting go of what is past
  5. I am ready for a new beginning
  6. I am ready for something new
  7. I am no longer limited by my past
  8. I am focused on the present and the future
  9. I leave behind everything that drags me down
  10. 2020 is the year the Lord has made; I rejoice and I am glad in it
  11. I am open to receive the blessings of the new year
  12. I am seeing new opportunities in the new year
  13. I welcome the new year with peace
  14. My hope is alive this new year
  15. My dream for the new year is alive
  16. I bless and sanctify the year 2020
  17. I embrace the year 2020
  18. I am in love with the year 2020
  19. I receive the year 2020 as a gift from my Father in heaven
  20. I see my dreams coming to pass in 2020
  21. I forgive myself for every mistake I made in the past year
  22. I forgive those who wronged me the past year
  23. I am letting go of every negativity from my past
  24. This new year shall be my year of positive experiences
  25. This new year is my year of exaltation
  26. This new year, I choose to be more positive in my outlook
  27. I see my confidence increasing this new year
  28. I see my enemies defeated
  29. I am prepared for wonderful experiences this new year
  30. Obstacles to my progress are removed
  31. I am an inspiration to others this new year
  32. I am making healthy choices this new year
  33. My steps are ordered by the Lord this new year
  34. My strength is renewed this new year
  35. I am experiencing perfect health this new year
  36. I am making wise decisions this new year
  37. I am forgiven
  38. I am whole
  39. I am God’s righteousness
  40. God’s thoughts about me are thoughts of prosperity
  41. I am experiencing healthy longevity this new year
  42. I am divinely protected this new year
  43. New doors of opportunity are opening to me this new year
  44. I am meeting the right people this new year
  45. I am a joyful person this new year
  46. I choose to be alive this new year
  47. All things shall work together for my good this new year
  48. My perspective is fresh this new year
  49. I receive fresh insights for this new year
  50. The unseen hand of God is guiding me this year
  51. Wherever I go this new year, I shall shine
  52. I am growing in positive influence this new year
  53. My gifts and talents are being recognized this new year
  54. Grace and mercies abound for me this new year
  55. God is with me every moment of this year
  56. I shall not be afraid
  57. God shall turn every misfortune for my good
  58. I am ready for a new level of success
  59. I am a positive influence in my family this new year
  60. I am grateful for every moment I am alive
  61. This new year, I am a light in the darkness
  62. I shall always prevail over all forces of darkness
  63. I am operating in divine wisdom
  64. I am allowing divine power to be displayed in my life
  65. I am kind to all
  66. I am receiving deeper revelation of God’s unconditional love for me
  67. Business opportunities are being presented to me
  68. I am rising higher and higher in life
  69. My inner man is prevailing over the flesh
  70. I recognize that I am a spirit
  71. I am attaining higher and deeper levels of spirituality
  72. I bring joy, peace and inspiration wherever I go
  73. I am blessed with the power and the means to achieve my goals
  74. I am experiencing higher levels of freedom
  75. The enemies I saw in the past, I shall see no more
  76. My territory is enlarged
  77. I believe in God
  78. I believe in me
  79. I am manifesting more of who I am in Christ
  80. This new year shall bring me glad tidings
  81. I am forming and embracing healthy relationships
  82. I shall not be a slave to anyone or to anything
  83. I am growing in awareness of who I am in Christ
  84. This new year, I shall be more productive than before
  85. I am putting my God-given talents and gifts to greater use
  86. I have friends in high places
  87. All of heaven is on my side
  88. I am attaining new levels of understanding and knowledge
  89. I am allowing the Holy Spirit to guide me to my best life
  90. I am managing my time more efficiently
  91. I am highly motivated
  92. I love the life God has given me and I am making the most of it
  93. I am growing in wealth, success and prosperity
  94. Whoever encounters me this year shall experience the love and power of God
  95. I am becoming stronger and stronger
  96. I am a breath of fresh air wherever I go
  97. I am making wise decisions about relationships
  98. I am no longer limited by fear and doubt
  99. I am free from all condemnation, guilt and shame
  100. I am and shall always be thankful. Amen.

Enjoy 2020!



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