Don’t Depend on Pharaoh

Joseph went to Egypt as a slave. After a few years of struggle, he found favor with Pharaoh and became a powerful leader in Egypt. Later, his whole family joined him. For several years, Egypt became a safe haven for Israel. Pharaoh loved, cuddled, and protected Israel. One day, however, a new Pharaoh ascended the throne and Israel became vulnerable. As the Scripture says, “Now there arose up a new king [Pharaoh] over Egypt, which knew not Joseph” (Exodus 1:8). Under the old Pharaoh, Israel was comfortable. Over time, Israel came to depend on Pharaoh’s friendship and generosity. They took it for granted that this situation would continue. They were wrong.

The new Pharaoh didn’t care about the long standing friendship with Joseph’s family. His priority was to put Egypt’s interests first. And as far as he was concerned, Israel’s presence posed a threat to Egypt’s security. He determined that the risk of letting Israel expand far outweighed any benefits to be gained from keeping Israel as a friend. Israel’s fortunes turned overnight. They didn’t see this coming. I won’t go into the rest of the story. There’s a key lesson here, and that’s what I want to talk to you about: Don’t depend on Pharaoh.

In the story, “Pharaoh” represents the flesh, i.e. mortal human beings as well as all human systems that are subject to change. To depend on Pharaoh means to depend on people. When people love you, give you gifts and shower praises on you, you tend to assume they’ll always be there for you. Or vice versa, when you extend love and kindness to others, you tend to assume they’ll have your back in return. Love and friendship can blind you to reality. Love itself isn’t the problem. The problem is with the mindset of the people who are in charge of expressing love.

People change. That’s the problem. But somehow, we haven’t learned our lesson. When people are kind and nice toward us, we soon forget they can, and will, change. Since the dawn of history, countless souls have been hurt and disappointed because of their dependence on other people. We come to expect, at a mostly unconscious level, that certain people, especially friends and family, will always be with us and for us. Those who think like this, and there are many who do, will soon find out the hard way. I’m here to help you, to save your heart from being broken time and again. Hopefully, you’ll open your eyes to reality once and for all. If you do, your life will become more peaceful. You’ll be happier than ever.

Understand, change is inevitable. Everyone changes, even you. It’s therefore dangerous and unwise to depend on people. Don’t fool yourself with the idea that there are exceptions. There are no exceptions. Because everyone changes, everyone is capable of letting you down, especially those you least expect. If you want a happy life, don’t depend on anyone whose name isn’t I AM THAT I AM. This includes your wife, your husband, your siblings, your relatives, your friends, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your co-workers, your pastor, your boss, even your own children.

Does this mean you should have no friends, no family, and no relationships? No, not at all. Stay connected to as many people as possible. Have all the friends you want. Enjoy family and any relationship you want, while it lasts. But in your mind and in your heart, don’t put your hope in them. It’s about your inner attitude. Open your heart to give love and to receive love. Be kind, and receive kindness when it is offered. But remember, there are no guarantees. When people are kind to you today, there’s no guarantee they’ll act the same way tomorrow.

Nothing lasts. No one lasts. Accept the reality. It’ll save you from headaches, heartaches, and confusion. Love everyone, but depend on no one. Depend on God alone, because God alone is unchanging. The worst mistake you could make in this life is to depend on human beings or human systems to support you. The reverse is true. The best decision you could make is to depend on God alone.

Learn to love yourself. Learn to support yourself. Build a life that makes you less dependent on someone or something other than God. This is your key to true happiness and true peace of mind. Remember what the Scripture says, “Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm . . . Blessed is the man that trusteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is” (Jeremiah 17:5, 7). Every mortal is a ‘Pharaoh.’ Don’t depend on Pharaoh. Depend on your Maker.

Love & Light



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