What’s Your Excuse?

To get ahead in life, it’s important to liberate yourself from encumbrances. One such hindrance is in the form of giving excuses. It’s easy to give excuses. It’s cheap and readily available. It’s like self-pardon. It can provide temporary relief. But in the end, excuses weaken your drive to succeed. Excuses stifle motivation and creativity.

Be wary of excuses, especially the ones you tell yourself. Unless you’re required to provide an excuse, it’s best to avoid it. Offer excuses sparingly, if at all. Keep your life free from excuses, and you’ll be free to move forward.

Giving excuses is a form of self-pity. It might make you feel comfortable for a while, but over time, your creativity and motivation will suffer. You don’t need to explain to yourself or to anyone why you can’t do ‘X’ or ‘Y.’

A lot of people experience stagnation because they have an excuse for everything. They convince themselves they have a reason for not been able to advance in life. It’s their mom, their dad, their ethnicity, the sickness, the government, the pandemic, the economy, the unfair boss, their spouse, the kids, the traffic, lack of support, and so forth.

Once you accept a reason for your inability to go where you need to go and do what you want to do, you have no incentive to move forward. You lose momentum. In this condition, you feel you deserve sympathy and understanding. But in the long run, you’re hurting yourself.

Offer no more excuses. Don’t expect sympathy. Don’t even seek compassion. Just get up and do something. Get up and move forward.

Believe in your Higher-Self. Believe you have something to offer. Believe there’s an answer for your situation. The answer won’t come from outside. It will come from within you. Remember, Christ-in-you is your hope of glory (Colossians 1:27). As Mariah Kelly said in her celebrated song, Hero, “A hero lies in you.” Instead of waiting for someone to come along and rescue you, look to the hero within you and draw strength. Make a move, no matter how small it seems.

The Universe responds to your intention and action. You can have the most wonderful intention, but if you don’t act on it, nothing will change. Act on your intention. Act on your hopes. Take a step forward. Every step counts.

Stop drowning in your own self-pity and myriad of excuses. If you want things to move, you must move first. If you want things to change, you must change first. It’s the Law of Prosperity.

Don’t wait for God to pass by. God has already moved. It’s you who needs to move.

Consider the story in John 5:1-9. It tells us of a man who had been paralyzed for 38 years. During those years, he sat at the pool of Bethesda waiting and hoping for a miracle of healing. When Jesus asked if he wanted to be healed, he couldn’t say “Yes” or “No.”

Instead, the man offered an excuse, suggesting he was unlucky because each time the angel stirred up the water, someone got to the pool ahead of him. Many people are like this man. They’ve unconsciously chosen a life of stagnation by finding excuses for their supposed misfortune.

Let go of your need for excuses. Stop telling yourself reasons why you’re unable to get ahead in life. Instead, look for reasons to move forward. When you make a move, the right forces will align to help you get to your destination. Get up from the bed of excuses. Start working on your goals.

Love & Light



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