Often, trusting others feels easier than trusting yourself. There’s a reason for this. As we grow up, much of our education, formal as well as informal, prepares us to trust people and systems outside of ourselves.

We’re raised to trust the news, the government, the church, the school system, the health system, friends, and family. We’re raised to look outside ourselves for answers. But, while you’re trained to trust almost everyone and everything around you, rarely will you be taught the critical truth: Trusting yourself before all others is the key to fulfilling your destiny.

I’d like to talk to you today about “Trust Your Star.”

When Jesus was born, certain men from the East became aware of it through the guidance of his star. Following the star, they made it to Jerusalem safely. Upon arrival, however, they began to ask around as to the location of the child.

When Herod got wind of it, he set in motion an elaborate scheme to destroy the child or whoever he deemed a threat to his throne. The entire story can be found in Matthew 2:1-13. There’s an important lesson here I wish to highlight.

The wise men did not need to ask others for the child’s whereabout. The star that guided them in the East could have led them straight to Jesus. Involving all of Jerusalem, especially Herod, was a mistake, one that proved costly. Interestingly, as soon as they left Herod’s presence, the star from the east reappeared, leading them to Jesus.

Sometimes, you can go about seeking guidance from too many people. In the process, you neglect the guidance of your inner star. Talking to too many people about your journey will only confuse you and attract negative attention.

Like the men from the East, everyone in life is on a journey. The specifics of the journey differ from person to person. But, no matter where your journey calls you, you have a star from God that guides you. Therefore, learning to trust your star is crucial to your success.

Your star is not in the sky. Your star is a part of you. It’s the voice and the light of God in you.

You don’t have to go through Herod to get to your destination. You don’t need outside opinions to know where you need to go or what you need to do. You were never meant to receive your guidance from outside sources.

Fulfilling your destiny requires you to trust your God-given internal guiding star above all external suggestions.

Understand, your journey is yours to undertake. Your dream is yours to pursue. Your calling is yours to answer. No one understands your journey better than you do.

When you stop depending on people for guidance, your inner star will appear to guide you.

Remember, your deepest joy in life will come from knowing, trusting, and following your star. Look within and find the guidance you need. Trust your star.

In light & love


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