2022: Discover Your Life Purpose

There’s nothing more fulfilling than knowing the reason you came into this world and dedicating yourself to your mission. This is what it means to live by destiny. Everyone who is born into this world comes with a specific assignment and life purpose. Jesus knew his.

Standing before Pilate, he declared, “In fact, the reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the truth” (John 18:37, NIV). Like Jesus, everyone has a right to know their life purpose. Living by destiny is the best and the most satisfying way to live.

As we welcome a new year, I’d like to talk to you about “Discover Your Life Purpose.”

A lot of people either miss their destiny or fulfill it partially. Two factors account for this.

The first and the most important factor is the lack of spiritual awareness on the part of their parents. Children’s first contact with the world is through their parents. Therefore, when parents are spiritually awake, they can detect a child’s destiny at an early stage. Information about a child’s life purpose is already available at conception. Equipped with this information, parents can provide appropriate guidance for the child to succeed.

Unfortunately, in our modern world, when couples are expecting, they seem more interested in the child’s gender, height, weight, eye color, and so forth. The child’s life purpose is the last thing on their mind. Hence, children are left to navigate the complex issues of life through trial and error, without the aid of divine revelation. Inevitably, a lot of opportunities are missed.

By contrast, the ancients were more spiritually sensitive to the destiny of the babies they carried. Take, for example, Rebecca. Like most pregnant woman, she too felt the kicking of her babies. But unlike most women, she sensed there was a deeper story behind the constant kicking. She therefore consulted with God.

Only then was it revealed that she was carrying two nations in her womb, and that the firstborn would serve the younger. Armed with this revelation, Rebecca positioned herself strategically, played her cards well, protected Jacob, and made sure Jacob didn’t miss his destiny. Imagine what would have happened if Rebecca wasn’t spiritually sensitive to the movement of her babies. You can find the story in Genesis 25:21-23; 27:1-46.

Behind every Jacob, there’s a Rebecca. Behind every child of destiny, there’s almost always a parent who saw greatness in the child.

The second factor has to do with social programming. In our modern society, everything is neatly packaged. Your job is to fit in the matrix. For instance, shortly after you’re born, you’re plugged into ‘the system’ where you’re told what to think and what not to think. You’re expected to complete elementary school, go to high school, then college. The next step is to find employment, pay your taxes, buy a house, get married, make babies, grow old, retire, then die. In such an environment, it’ll take courage to pursue your purpose, especially if your purpose challenges the status quo.

When you feel empty, unhappy, or if you feel life is a grind, it’s usually a sign that you’re living a life that wasn’t meant for you. The fact that certain life choices are good for one person doesn’t mean the same choices will be good for you.

Your choices in life should be based, not on what everyone else is doing, but on what aligns best with your specific life purpose. If you don’t know the reason you came to this planet, how can you live a meaningful life?

Today, I want you to know that you can, and should, find out the reason you came into this world. It’s your right to know. If you’re unsure of your life purpose, let 2022 be the year you discover it. Ask God for your life purpose to be revealed to you. If you want to talk to someone who is more spiritually adept at dealing with these situations, that’s fine too.

Discovering your life purpose will give you a whole new way of approaching life. It’ll fill you with unimaginable energy and passion. Regardless of the circumstances of your birth, you’re not here by accident. You’re here for a reason, a good reason.

If you’re a parent reading this, give to your children the sense of destiny you didn’t get in your childhood. As Whitney Houston said in her song, Greatest Love of All, “Show them [children] all the beauty they possess inside.”

Let 2022 be your year of self-discovery. Find your purpose. Find true fulfillment by doing what you were sent to do.

In love & light



  1. Francis Dwamena says:

    In fact I cant stop reading this powerful message. May the Lord continue to bless u for opening my eayes this year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Stephen says:

      Thank you, Francis! Have wonderful year!


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