Money Follows Pleasure

Everyone loves money, but few would admit it. Today, I want to talk to you about, “Money Follows Pleasure.” Money is an intelligent spiritual force. The bills (notes), coins, and credit cards we use for transactions are just material symbols used to represent this unseen force.

Moving away from a materialistic view of money to a spiritual one is a step in the right direction. Only by seeing money as energy or spiritual force can we develop a healthy relationship with her (Rev. Ike thinks of money as a gorgeous, classy lady – and I love that image).

Without money, most things in life would come to a halt. But due to how we were raised (at home, in churches, and other institutions), a lot of us have hangups about money. This has brought friction to our relationship with money, thereby inhibiting the natural flow of abundance.

Understanding the spiritual nature of money and making peace with her will help us enjoy immense benefits. And that’s the purpose of what I’ll be sharing with you today.

In view of this, we’ll look at one chief characteristic of money which determines how much, how fast, how long, and how easily money will flow in a person’s life: money tends to go where there’s fearless pleasure and gratitude, and tends to avoid people who are uptight and conflicted about enjoying themselves.

Money follows pleasure. It is the feeling of pleasure that attracts money and keeps it flowing with ease, not the other way around. That is, money doesn’t attract pleasure; it only amplifies it. 

Most, if not all, of the pleasures of life – from the pleasure of eating vanilla ice-cream on a hot summer afternoon to the pleasure of watching your favorite TV show – is made possible (directly or indirectly) by money.

During my studies in the US, there was an English textbook that was required reading for a class I took. I don’t recall the author or the book title, but a line in the book read: “Money is not everything. It is the only thing.” My immediate reaction was, “Wow!” That line stuck with me.

When you’re grateful for the experience of pleasure, it sends a signal to money that you appreciate the value she brings to the table, that you’re not ashamed of her. Consequently, money will naturally be attracted to you – plentifully. And blessed are those who have found favor with money.

Money likes those who love pleasure, but she shuns the company of those who frown on pleasure or criticize those who enjoy spending money. Money likes happy people who don’t feel bad about treating and pampering themselves with the luxuries of life.  

Therefore, if you want money to flow through you with ease, you need to get over any hangups and become comfortable with enjoying the pleasures of life – small and big pleasures alike. For money to become interested in you, she needs to know that you have no objections about enjoying life and living large.

Money doesn’t travel to people who need money or want money; it travels, rather, to those who celebrate money and feel grateful for the pleasures made possible by money. Remember, the love of money doesn’t attract money. What attracts money is child-like pleasure and gratitude for what money can do.

Sometimes you hear people complain about those who live large. For example, a rich woman owns three mansions, and someone objects: “Why does this woman own three mansions? After all, she’ll sleep in just one room; why does she need three mansions?”

My reply is: “She has three mansions for the mere pleasure of having those mansions. It’s called opulence, and it’s one of the qualities of God. The woman is doing us a favor by showing us what’s possible with God. That is, it’s not the nature of God to give you just what you need (a single room, for example). God is all about spoiling you and lavishing you with overflowing abundance – if you’re open to it. Instead of complaining and judging affluent people, we should be grateful there are people who remind us that living large is possible, natural, and good.”  

To sum up, money is God’s messenger. You don’t want her as your enemy. You’re better off with her as your friend. She’s here to fund your dreams and desires. Treat her with respect, and speak well of her. More importantly, enjoy yourself with feelings of gratitude for the pleasures she makes possible. Do this, and you have found a powerful ally.

With love and gratitude


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