Speak Life into Your Relationship

In this episode of “Will You Marry Me?,” I’d like to talk to you about, “Speak Life into Your Relationship.” Last week, we learned about the top three killers of relationships. The first on the list had to do with the dangers of speaking ill of your partner. Today, we’ll look at the effects of doing the reverse, i.e. speaking well of your partner.

Words carry enormous energy – no matter where we use them. What we say about people will impact them one way or another. When our words are directed at people with whom we have an emotional (or romantic) bond, the impact is even greater. You can speak life into a relationship – literally – by speaking well of your partner. This needs to be done intentionally, and it’s best done without the knowledge of the other person.

Words don’t die. Any word you utter about people stays in the background, working to accomplish the purpose for which it was spoken. Unless the target’s energy field is strong enough to repel it, the word will continue to work in the background until it matures and manifests.

To bless means to speak well of someone or something. The New Testament Greek word for “bless” is, “eulogeō,” meaning (literally), “to speak well of,” i.e. to say a good word about someone or something. Some modern languages are good at conveying this meaning of blessing. For example, the Italian word for “bless” is “benedire,” which – as in the Greek – means “to speak well of.”

As soon as you say something positive about someone, you’ve blessed them. And there’s nothing more powerful than saying positive things about the one you love, especially when they’re not aware that you’ve been secretly blessing them. When you speak well of your partner, you’re speaking life into your relationship. When was the last time you spoke a blessing over your partner?

Speaking life into your relationship involves a two-step process.

The first step is to cancel any negative word you’ve spoken about your partner, especially the ones spoken behind their back. Canceling negative words is simple. Anytime you’re ready, you can declare the following:

“With the authority vested in me as a child of God, I hereby cancel any negative word that has gone out of me against [NAME OF PARTNER]. Henceforth, may goodness and mercy follow [NAME OF PARTNER] all the days of his (her) life. Amen.”

The second step is to speak positive things about your partner. This can seem difficult, but do your best. Make it a habit. Even if the one you love is exhibiting shortcomings, your positive confessions will play a role in their healing and reformation.

Your relationship is the soil; your words are the seeds. What you say about your partner is far more important than the material gifts you buy them. The Law of Sowing and Reaping applies in relationships, too. Sow life-giving words, and you’ll reap a joyful harvest.

With love and blessing


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