Being Like God is Enough

Today, I would like to talk to you about, “Being Like God is Enough.” The message is based on the following Scripture: “As for me, I will behold thy face in righteousness. I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with thy likeness” (Psalm 17:15).

We are made in God’s likeness. God is righteousness. Therefore, when God looks at us, He sees His own righteousness reflected in us. This is the definition of being God’s likeness.

Adam missed this revelation, and he paid dearly for his error. He was made like God. But he forgot who he was and entertained the idea that he was not enough – that there was something better than being made like God. Once he fell for this delusion, he began to experience fear and insecurity (Genesis 1:26; 3:1-11).

A similar thing happens today.

Sometimes we forget our origin as God’s likeness. Invariably, this leads to feelings of lack and a sense of inferiority before God. This shows, for instance, in our songs and prayers – with all the pleading, wailing, and begging. We need to awake to the truth that we are like God – equal with Him in righteousness and grace.

Being like God is enough. We can finally bid farewell to inferiority and insecurities.

If God is a Superior Being, so are we because we share His nature and identity. We are partakers of God’s supremacy. It is in our interest, therefore, to avoid singing songs, saying prayers, or preaching sermons which suggest otherwise. We cannot fellowship with God until we come to the realization that we and God form one inseparable reality. Jesus understood this. So did David.

In our opening passage, David shows us the key to being satisfied in life. It starts with contemplating God’s righteousness. As we catch a revelation of this righteousness in us, it will cause us to wake up from our dream of ignorance and insecurity.

It is this slumber that makes us feel like we are inferior to God. So long as we see God as superior, and ourselves as inferior, we have relinquished our position as God’s likeness. This attitude will delay the manifestation of our glorious liberty.  

Anyone who is slow to recognize that he (she) is equal with God is sleeping and needs to wake up. Such people are not risen with Christ. In their sleep state, they are unaware of their original righteousness – which makes them equal with God.

But as David shows us, when we wake up to God’s righteousness in us, we shall be satisfied knowing we are God’s likeness. This truth will illuminate and stimulate our spirit. Feelings of insecurity and inferiority will fade. We will know – by revelation, not by information – that we are enough, because we are like God.

Declare often: “I AM enough, because I AM like God.”

With love and blessings


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