11 Types of People You should Be Careful Dating (or Marrying)

In today’s episode of, “Will You Marry Me?”, I’d like to talk to you about, “11 Types of People You Should Be Careful Dating (or Marrying).” You can, in theory, marry anyone you want. It’s your life. In practice, however, if you follow that principle, you’ll expose yourself to needless pain and confusion.

Selecting a future spouse is about finding love. True, but that’s not all. There’s also the question of having a set of criteria (based on one’s values, standards, and expectations) by which to discern who would be ‘right’ for us.

A life without standards is a life without honor. When people get the impression that we have no (or low) standards, they’ll inevitably treat us with contempt. At the same time, though, it’s important that our standards be reasonable and sustainable.

Not everyone can be a suitable spouse for us. Below is a list of eleven (11) types of people we should be careful dating (or marrying). Befriend them at your own risk.

    1. The Lazy

    They love leisure, and want you to do all the heavy lifting. They often have an excuse for avoiding or delaying work. They’ll contribute little to your life. If you have any important goals in life, don’t count on their support.

      2. The Narcissist

      These people have an exaggerated and insatiable need to be the center of attention. Preoccupied with their own needs and wants, they have little time for anyone else. Be advised.

      3. The Abusive

      They’re insecure, and their way of asserting themselves is to snap at you any chance they get, and hurt you verbally, emotionally, or physically.

      4. The Religious Fanatic

      They take their religious beliefs too seriously. Such people are unpredictable, narrow-minded, and prone to irrational behavior. For them, their way is the best way, and the only way. Their presence can be very polarizing.

      5. The Dishonest

      These ones are economical with the truth, in addition to being attracted to fraudulent practices. Their lifestyle can be likened to a chameleon.

      6. The Quarrelsome

      They’re hot-tempered and belligerent. They stir up controversy, argumentation, and fights. Where they go, strife follows.

      7. The Coldhearted

      These people don’t feel your pain, and they don’t care either. When you’re looking for kindness, empathy, compassion, and warmth, don’t count on them.

      8. The Bully

      They seek to subdue and control others through acts of intimidation. They’re as insecure as (#3) above.

      9. The Financially Irresponsible

      They’re all about spending, and investing in useless ventures. They have no regard for budgeting and planning.

      10. The Player

      They love to sleep around with multiple lovers at a time. Committing to a single partner isn’t their style. If an exclusive (monogamous) relationship is what you want, they’ll disappoint you.

      11. The Aimless

        These people don’t know what they want, or where they’re going in life. They just want to be with you, and they don’t even know why.

        With love and blessings


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