When a Mother Fights for Her Child

Today, as we celebrate Mother’s Day, I’d like to talk to you about, When a Mother Fights for Her Child, based on the following Bible passage:

“Have mercy on me, O Lord…my daughter is severely oppressed by a demon…Then Jesus answered her, ‘O woman, great is your faith! Be it done for you as you desire.’ And her daughter was healed instantly” (Matthew 15:22, 28, ESV).

Being a mother is a great blessing, but it also entails many responsibilities regarding a child’s well-being. A crucial part of maternal responsibility involves protecting one’s child from danger, especially spiritual threats.

The mother in the above-cited passage had a daughter, we’re told, who was under attack from a demon. She tried what she could, but nothing would help. In desperation, she turned to Jesus, imploring him to intervene. Examining the whole episode (Matthew 15:21-28), one will notice that the woman made three unsuccessful attempts to get Jesus’ attention. But she refused to go away, and on the fourth attempt, she triumphed.

 Determined to save her child, this woman made it clear to Jesus that she wouldn’t take ‘No’ for an answer. She kept battling with Jesus – even to the point of using his own argument against him (v. 25-28). Her tenacity left the Master in awe. And in the end, she got the breakthrough she wanted. She fought the good fight, and she prevailed.  She’s the only person in the Gospel accounts who successfully ‘cornered’ Jesus with logical reasoning, and got him to concede.

A determined mother will go where she needs to go, and do whatever it takes to keep her child safe. Sometimes, to save those we love we must be willing to do ‘crazy’ things, make unusual sacrifices, and be stubbornly (even annoyingly) persistent. We fight for our loved ones because we care.

The world we live in today is unusually hostile for raising children. They’re exposed to all kinds of ‘devils’ masquerading as benign entities – wolves in sheep clothing – who are trying to invade, confuse, colonize, and corrupt their innocent minds. These devils are on TV, on radio, in our schools, on the internet, in the entertainment industry, on social media, in our own families, even sometimes lurking in churches and temples (places that are supposed to be safe environments).

Now more than ever, our children need full-spectrum parental protection because today’s devils are cunningly ruthless, and the strategies they employ to corrupt the youth have grown ever more subtle, aggressive, and insidious.  

Being a mother in the 21st century isn’t for the faint of heart. Thanks to technology, opportunities for positive growth and prosperity abound, but so do dangers. The challenges children face in this era require mothers who are spiritually vigilant, courageous, wise, and uncompromising. Mothers need to work on their spirituality because their faith could be the only thing standing between their children and malevolent forces.

Dear mothers, don’t fight your children. Fight for them.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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