Dealing with an Ex-Lover’s Unwanted Influence

In today’s episode of, “Will You Marry Me?”, I’d like to talk to you about, “Dealing with an Ex-Lover’s Unwanted Influence.” When a relationship ends – regardless of who or what caused it – there’s always residual energies still linking the two ex-lovers.

All of life is energy, and energy doesn’t die. When lovers interact, the commingling of their energies doesn’t just disappear, either. It’ll go away only when they make a conscious decision to release it – that is, if they want to move on and not be trapped by their past. This can be done through an act of will, prayer, or some other spiritual work.

A lot of relationships (and marriages) suffer because of unresolved emotional garbage from the past. Unaware of this, when challenges arise, people hastily point the finger at the devil.

When two people get involved, a bond is created between them on several levels: emotional, psychical, and spiritual. This leads to an exchange of influence (exchange of energy). The deeper the passion, the stronger the influence.

With respect to past relationships, there are two kinds of influence: intentional influence, and automatic (natural) influence.

Let’s start with the latter. Automatic influence is just a natural (unavoidable) result of getting romantically involved with another person. In fact, this kind of influence occurs every time we interact with people, even strangers. But with romantic partners, the mutual influence goes deeper, and its effects can last for months or years.

Then, there’s intentional influence. This is when an ex is determined to hold on to you, or to win you back. Somes exes accept that they’re relationship with you is over. However, they still cling to you emotionally – from a distance. When their passion for you is stronger than your own spiritual energy, that can interfere with your ability to move on and thrive in a new relationship.

But there are other exes who aren’t content with sapping your emotional energy. They want you back, and they won’t stop trying. They’ll stalk you, call you at weird hours, pray and fast, curse you, or even cast a spell to win you back – often by breaking up your current relationship. It happens.

Whether we know an ex-lover is influencing us or not, it’s wise to take time to cut emotional cords from past relationships, and remove unwanted influence. There are several ways to go about this. In the next episode, I’ll share practical steps lovers can take to either limit or remove an ex’s unwanted influence.

With love and blessings


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