Daily Devotional: Day 5

“Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up” (Luke 18:1, NIV).

God doesn’t honor prayer (Don’t be shocked! Read on); he honors faith. Prayer by itself doesn’t change your life. To benefit from prayer, your prayer must be a prayer of faith. This means, if you petition God for anything, believe without doubt in your heart that God has heard you and answered your prayer. Remember, without faith, it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). The parable Jesus told in Luke 18:1-8 was about the need to pray the prayer of faith. Some erroneously interpret this Scripture to mean that Jesus wants us to pray and pray and pray. They think that Jesus is telling us to pray more. Praying “more” doesn’t hurt. But that is not what Jesus is teaching here. The point Jesus wants to drive home is that, due to a lack of faith, many people give up on their own prayer. When they don’t see immediate results, their faith wavers; then they quit believing that what they asked for will come to pass. It’s this attitude of unbelief that Jesus wants to correct. Jesus is saying that when you pray for something, don’t lose heart if you don’t see instant change.

Don’t quit believing, because your faith is the currency of your prayer. Without faith, prayer is meaningless. God is moved, not by your prayer per se, but by your attitude of faith in his promises. Remember that anyone can pray, but not everyone prays the prayer of faith. At the end of the parable, notice what Jesus says, “However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8). If you think that praying more is the key to being heard, you need to change your thinking. The truth is, the effectiveness of your prayer has nothing to do with the duration or frequency of your prayer. The key is faith. As you exercise faith, you’ll realize that you don’t need a lot of words or a lot of time to get prayer results.


God is for me; he’s not against me. By his grace, I’m a new creation through faith in Jesus. I know that the righteous shall live by faith. Through the blood of Jesus, I am righteous. Therefore, I walk by faith, not by prevailing circumstances. I pray the prayer of faith, for I know that my God is faithful, and he shall perform what he promises. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.

 For further study: James 1: 5-8; 5:14-18

Have a faith-filled day!

Pastor Steve

Charis Temple (non-denominational church)





Daily Devotional: Day 4

“When he [Jesus] had finished speaking, he said to Simon, “Put out into the deep water, and let down the nets for a catch” (Luke 5:4, NIV).

Today’s Scripture reminds us of Jesus’ instructions to Peter, the fisherman. Jesus had just finished teaching the Word of God from Peter’s boat. Peter knew what he was doing – or so he thought – but Jesus challenged him to launch his net one more time – into the deep. You see, Jesus cares about your success, including the success of your career or professional life. Some people have the habit of failing. When failure becomes a habit, it impairs our judgement and we fail to see new possibilities. Superficiality is the precursor to failure. When you’re not willing to dig deeper and explore new opportunities, you resign yourself to whatever life throws at you. This should not be your life.

Jesus has instructions for you – to make you happy and productive – if you would heed his voice. When Jesus told Peter to launch his net into the deep, Peter’s excuse was that he had tried hard earlier. But, you know what, success isn’t just about trying hard. A lot of people work hard, yet they still come up empty. Peter worked hard all night and still caught nothing. Don’t get me wrong. Working hard is excellent, but hard work alone does not guarantee success. A productive life is the result of obeying God’s voice and being at the right place, at the right time, with the right people, doing the right thing. Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it on unproductive ventures. For you, a Christian, that means avoiding a superficial approach to life and being willing to launch into new and deeper territories. Ask God to show you when, how and where to launch into the deep for a great catch.


My Father in heaven, you want the best for me. Show me where to cast my net for a great catch. Take me deeper in love. Take me deeper in your blessings. Take me deeper in the Spirit’s anointing. Take me deeper in your Word. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.

For further study: Genesis 12:1-4; 13:7-17

In Christ,

Pastor Steve



Daily Devotional: Day 3

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you”

(Isaiah 60:1, NIV).

The Bible says, arise, shine!  It does not say, shine, arise. The wording is important. To shine, you must arise. There’s no shining without arising. God’s glory is upon you. And Christ in you, is the hope of glory (Colossians 1:27). You cannot remain in the same place and expect to shine. God is calling you to arise. The resurrection power of Christ abides in you. You’re the habitation of God’s glory. You can shine now. But you must first arise. There are situations in your life that can block you from shining. Some people make the mistake of staying in the same place, doing the same things and expecting a change. That is not how God works. God commands you to arise. Come out of any situation that you know is working against you.

Many people are waiting for God to move in their lives. But the truth is, God has already moved. His glory is upon you here and now. It’s your turn to move. Stop complaining and arise! Ask God for wisdom and discernment concerning which things are an obstacle to you. You may have to change some relationships, change jobs, change how you manage your time, change how you do business, change how you study, or evaluate the general direction of your life. Don’t wait for glory. Glory is already upon you. You’re the living, breathing temple of God’s glory. Don’t wait for light. Your light has come. Christ in you, is your light. The time to arise and shine is now.


My light has come, and the glory of the LORD is upon me. I will not be stuck in an unproductive life. I command every satanic influence in my life to cease. In the Name of Jesus, I arise and shine. Amen.

For further study: Matthew 5:14-16; Psalm 8:3-9



Shine always,

Pastor Steve


2018 Daily Devotional: Day 2 

“Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh” (Matthew 12:34, KJV).

Your heart and your mouth work together to bring about blessing or harm. The heart is the storage place for your words while your mouth is the exit point for your words. If you don’t like the words coming out of your mouth, check your storage – your heart. Input equals output. Each day you store words in your heart – consciously or unconsciously. Jesus says, “A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in him, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in him” (Matthew 12:35, NIV). He was referring to our words.

What you store in your heart is your responsibility. You decide which things are stored in your heart. If you store forgiveness, joy, love, peace, humility, honor, grace, Scriptural truths, righteousness and wisdom in your heart, these will lead to wholesome words coming out of your mouth. And wholesome words will build you up as well as build up the people around you. But if you store up bitterness, unforgiveness, hate, violence, filthiness, lust, and gossip, you’ll end up speaking exactly that. Read wholesome literature, especially the Bible. Watch wholesome TV programs that won’t compromise your Christian values. Avoid gossip and profane. Participate in godly conversations. You’re God’s holy child. Fill your heart with holy ideas. And anointed words will proceed from your mouth to bless the world.


Father, by the blood of Jesus you’ve made me holy. By the power of your Holy Spirit in me, I choose to fill my heart with godly things only. Henceforth, wholesome words shall proceed from my mouth to bless those around me. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

For further study: (1) Colossians 3:16-17  (2) Romans 10:8-10

In Christ,

Pastor Steve






2018 Daily Devotional: Day 1

What’s Your Greatest Desire?

“One thing I ask from the LORD, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple (Psalm 27:4, NIV).”

You have a list of things you desire. But what is the one thing you desire the most? Think about this: What you desire the most says a lot about who you want to be and where you want to be. God wants you to desire him above all things. The quality of your relationship with God rests on how much you desire him – how much you long to be in his presence and gaze upon his beauty. The house of the LORD today is you. You are literally the temple of the LORD.

God is the essence of beauty, but you will not recognize his beauty until you desire to see it – until your desire to gaze on his beauty surpasses all your other desires. Train yourself to spend quiet moments with your heavenly Father. It’s in these moments that he reveals his beauty to you. It’s in these moments that he fills you with the spirit of wisdom and of revelation (Read Ephesians 1:17). God will reward you for making him the greatest desire of your heart. Remember this: Those who spend time gazing on the beauty of the LORD are transformed (the Greek means metamorphosed) from glory to glory (Read 2 Corinthians 3:18). Gaze on God’s beauty today and see your life change!


Father God, your beauty is the delight of my heart. Stir within me a strong desire to gaze on your beauty. As I am transformed from glory to glory, I make a conscious effort to influence the world with your Gospel. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Happy New Year!

Pastor Steve