Stephen Ogoe

Hello, and welcome to Higher-Self Realities, where we promote Self-Realization through spiritual awareness! Stephen Ogoe (“Pastor Steve”) is a mystic, speaker, writer, and spiritual advisor. Born and raised in Ghana, his hometown is Elmina. From the age of seven, he was raised in Kumasi, having been adopted by his aunt. He has three sisters. HeContinue reading “Stephen Ogoe”

The Two Groups of People in John 11:25-26

As the title suggests, in John 11:25-26, Jesus is addressing two distinct groups of people. The first group is mentioned in v. 25, and the second group in v. 26. We shall call the first group, The Resurrection Group, and the second group, The Life Group. Each one of us is in one of those groups. Understanding what Jesus meant in this passage will open a new chapter in how we interact with life or death. To make the analysis easier, we shall break down the passage into three (3) sections: a premise, and two separate conclusions arising from the premise.

The Question Martha Dodged

The truth is, Martha is not alone. Even today, for most of us resurrection is confined to “the last day” – whatever that means. In the meantime, we have accepted sickness and death normal. But Jesus’ instruction to us was unambiguous: “Heal the sick, raise the dead” (Matthew 10:8).


Recently, I met a young woman who works for one of the largest supermarkets in the US. She was unhappy with conditions at work. She felt her boss took her co-workers’ concerns more seriously than hers. Yet, the boss knew she was more competent and hardworking than the others. After listening to her, I said,Continue reading “YOU DESERVE BETTER”

Live Now, Not Later

There’s no life waiting for you after death. If you want to live, this is it. This is your chance. Make the most of the life you’re given. If you think there’s a better life waiting for you after death, you’re missing out on life. Life is eternal, and hence cannot be interrupted. So, chooseContinue reading “Live Now, Not Later”