Thoughts to Inspire You (Free PDF/eBook)

Greetings, and thanks for being here!

This PDF is my gift to you. You are free to adopt any part or all of this work for personal use, for teaching, discussions, workshops, seminars, and other educational purposes. You are, however, not permitted to use any part of this work for commercial purposes. That is, you are not permitted to sell this work, whether whole or in part. You are further not permitted to claim any part (or the whole) of this work as your own.

What you will find in this work is a compilation of twenty-five reflections I authored and posted on my Facebook timeline in 2022. The idea of giving out this PDF came towards the end of 2022. I finally found time to complete the compilation. The reflections here cover the following areas: Personal Growth, Prayer, and Marriage & Love. During the compilation, I edited and revised some parts of the orginal reflections.

With love and blessings


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