The Two Groups of People in John 11:25-26

As the title suggests, in John 11:25-26, Jesus is addressing two distinct groups of people. The first group is mentioned in v. 25, and the second group in v. 26. We shall call the first group, The Resurrection Group, and the second group, The Life Group. Each one of us is in one of those groups. Understanding what Jesus meant in this passage will open a new chapter in how we interact with life or death. To make the analysis easier, we shall break down the passage into three (3) sections: a premise, and two separate conclusions arising from the premise.

The Government of Life

God has no concept of death, nor of sin. It was mortals – through ignorance and misuse of free will– who conspired to manufacture the illusion of death and sin. This later became a (false) law that suppressed our God-given dominion. Part of Jesus’ mission was to break this illusion and shed light on our original righteousness and immortality (2 Timothy 1:9-10).