Benefits of Praying in Tongues (2)

Another benefit of praying in tongues is that it will help you receive self-edification in the Lord. Before I elaborate on this benefit, I’ll briefly explain what the Bible says about using the gift of tongues to minister to a congregation as opposed to using tongues to minister to yourself. Then, I’ll discuss the connectionContinue reading “Benefits of Praying in Tongues (2)”

Benefits of Praying in Tongues (1)

This is a follow up to my previous post, “Praying in Tongues: Why Bother?” Today, I’ll share with you some of the benefits of praying in tongues. My prayer is that you’ll be encouraged to pray in tongues often, preferably daily. And if you don’t speak in tongues yet, my prayer is that you soonContinue reading “Benefits of Praying in Tongues (1)”

Speaking in Tongues: My Testimony (Pt 4)

At this point, I had no more prejudice against the Charismatics. I repented in my heart of the things I held against them. I realized I had been acting in ignorance and pride. I felt a deep thirst for the Holy Spirit. I yearned to know Him more, so I maintained contact with the CharismaticContinue reading “Speaking in Tongues: My Testimony (Pt 4)”

Speaking in Tongues: My Testimony (Pt 3)

It would take several months before I spoke in tongues. However, in the days and weeks following the Life in the Spirit Seminar, I noticed unusual things happen to me. First, I never wanted to have anything to do with the praise and worship songs of the Charismatics. But I started noticing a change. WhenContinue reading “Speaking in Tongues: My Testimony (Pt 3)”