5 Ways You Can Improve Your Attractiveness

The universe operates through the Law of Attraction. Learning to attract love is a better alternative to chasing love. In life, those who chase tend to struggle, whereas those who rely on the power of attraction tend to get what they want – with minimal effort.

Admittedly, attractiveness is a relative term. What’s attractive to Alice might be loathsome to Linda. That’s life. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” as they say.

The Power of Joyful Giving

Giving joyfully accomplishes two things. First, it amplifies our giving. Joy is an uplifting energy. As a result, anything done from a place of joy causes us to flourish. For example, joyful giving has the power to boost our financial well-being.

 Second, joy is a way opener. Where doors seem closed, the presence of joy will remove heaviness and open the way for blessings to flow. When we give joyfully, it removes blockages and renders our heart more receptive to divine abundance. This means we are more likely to experience increase – not just in finances – but in other areas of life.

Money Follows Pleasure

Without money, most things in life would come to a halt. But due to how we were raised (at home, in churches, and other institutions), a lot of us have hangups about money. This has brought friction to our relationship with money, thereby inhibiting the natural flow of abundance.

Understanding the spiritual nature of money and making peace with her will help us enjoy immense benefits. And that’s the purpose of what I’ll be sharing with you today.


Success at all levels is governed by spiritual laws. The right understanding and application of spiritual laws will guarantee success. Today, I want to talk to you about one such law: The Law of Use. The Law of Use can be stated as follows: The more a thing is used and enjoyed, the more abundantlyContinue reading “UNDERSTANDING THE LAW OF USE”

No Bad Days

You are the prophet of your own life. Say it: I AM the prophet of my own life. As a prophet, your words carry weight. Those who understand this are careful about what they say. There’s no such thing as a ‘useless’ word. Your words will always return to you with a corresponding manifestation. SayContinue reading “No Bad Days”