Love without Vows

In a relationship (marriage), a vow exists for primarily two reasons. Firstly, it’s added to satisfy our human need for reassurance – which is often a symptom of deep-seated insecurities. Secondly, it exists to ‘compel’ lovers to live up to expectations (religious institutions, relatives, and so forth). In this sense, it puts unnecessary pressure on a relationship. Beyond that, however, a vow has no value as far as love is concerned. Those who are loyal at heart will be loyal – with or without a vow. And that’s what counts. The more we love, the less we need vows.

You Can’t Buy Love

You can do what you want with your money, but it would be a mistake to count on a partner to commit to you in gratitude for your generosity. You could be in for a rude awakening. No one owes you love. It’s important to keep this in mind.

Be careful about overspending before your relationship gets serious. Any act of kindness on your part should be done with the understanding that you’re not expecting anything in return.