What’s Your Excuse?

To get ahead in life, it’s important to liberate yourself from encumbrances. One such hindrance is in the form of giving excuses. It’s easy to give excuses. It’s cheap and readily available. It’s like self-pardon. It can provide temporary relief. But in the end, excuses weaken your drive to succeed. Excuses stifle motivation and creativity.

Be wary of excuses, especially the ones you tell yourself. Unless you’re required to provide an excuse, it’s best to avoid it. Offer excuses sparingly, if at all. Keep your life free from excuses, and you’ll be free to move forward.

Giving excuses is a form of self-pity. It might make you feel comfortable for a while, but over time, your creativity and motivation will suffer. You don’t need to explain to yourself or to anyone why you can’t do ‘X’ or ‘Y.’

A lot of people experience stagnation because they have an excuse for everything. They convince themselves they have a reason for not been able to advance in life. It’s their mom, their dad, their ethnicity, the sickness, the government, the pandemic, the economy, the unfair boss, their spouse, the kids, the traffic, lack of support, and so forth.

Once you accept a reason for your inability to go where you need to go and do what you want to do, you have no incentive to move forward. You lose momentum. In this condition, you feel you deserve sympathy and understanding. But in the long run, you’re hurting yourself.

Offer no more excuses. Don’t expect sympathy. Don’t even seek compassion. Just get up and do something. Get up and move forward.

Believe in your Higher-Self. Believe you have something to offer. Believe there’s an answer for your situation. The answer won’t come from outside. It will come from within you. Remember, Christ-in-you is your hope of glory (Colossians 1:27). As Mariah Kelly said in her celebrated song, Hero, “A hero lies in you.” Instead of waiting for someone to come along and rescue you, look to the hero within you and draw strength. Make a move, no matter how small it seems.

The Universe responds to your intention and action. You can have the most wonderful intention, but if you don’t act on it, nothing will change. Act on your intention. Act on your hopes. Take a step forward. Every step counts.

Stop drowning in your own self-pity and myriad of excuses. If you want things to move, you must move first. If you want things to change, you must change first. It’s the Law of Prosperity.

Don’t wait for God to pass by. God has already moved. It’s you who needs to move.

Consider the story in John 5:1-9. It tells us of a man who had been paralyzed for 38 years. During those years, he sat at the pool of Bethesda waiting and hoping for a miracle of healing. When Jesus asked if he wanted to be healed, he couldn’t say “Yes” or “No.”

Instead, the man offered an excuse, suggesting he was unlucky because each time the angel stirred up the water, someone got to the pool ahead of him. Many people are like this man. They’ve unconsciously chosen a life of stagnation by finding excuses for their supposed misfortune.

Let go of your need for excuses. Stop telling yourself reasons why you’re unable to get ahead in life. Instead, look for reasons to move forward. When you make a move, the right forces will align to help you get to your destination. Get up from the bed of excuses. Start working on your goals.

Love & Light



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100 Positive Affirmations for 2020

As we begin a new year, I’d like you to prophesy over your life by confessing the following as boldly as you can:

  1. I am grateful for the past year.
  2. I am delighted about the year 2020
  3. I welcome the new year with joy
  4. I am letting go of what is past
  5. I am ready for a new beginning
  6. I am ready for something new
  7. I am no longer limited by my past
  8. I am focused on the present and the future
  9. I leave behind everything that drags me down
  10. 2020 is the year the Lord has made; I rejoice and I am glad in it
  11. I am open to receive the blessings of the new year
  12. I am seeing new opportunities in the new year
  13. I welcome the new year with peace
  14. My hope is alive this new year
  15. My dream for the new year is alive
  16. I bless and sanctify the year 2020
  17. I embrace the year 2020
  18. I am in love with the year 2020
  19. I receive the year 2020 as a gift from my Father in heaven
  20. I see my dreams coming to pass in 2020
  21. I forgive myself for every mistake I made in the past year
  22. I forgive those who wronged me the past year
  23. I am letting go of every negativity from my past
  24. This new year shall be my year of positive experiences
  25. This new year is my year of exaltation
  26. This new year, I choose to be more positive in my outlook
  27. I see my confidence increasing this new year
  28. I see my enemies defeated
  29. I am prepared for wonderful experiences this new year
  30. Obstacles to my progress are removed
  31. I am an inspiration to others this new year
  32. I am making healthy choices this new year
  33. My steps are ordered by the Lord this new year
  34. My strength is renewed this new year
  35. I am experiencing perfect health this new year
  36. I am making wise decisions this new year
  37. I am forgiven
  38. I am whole
  39. I am God’s righteousness
  40. God’s thoughts about me are thoughts of prosperity
  41. I am experiencing healthy longevity this new year
  42. I am divinely protected this new year
  43. New doors of opportunity are opening to me this new year
  44. I am meeting the right people this new year
  45. I am a joyful person this new year
  46. I choose to be alive this new year
  47. All things shall work together for my good this new year
  48. My perspective is fresh this new year
  49. I receive fresh insights for this new year
  50. The unseen hand of God is guiding me this year
  51. Wherever I go this new year, I shall shine
  52. I am growing in positive influence this new year
  53. My gifts and talents are being recognized this new year
  54. Grace and mercies abound for me this new year
  55. God is with me every moment of this year
  56. I shall not be afraid
  57. God shall turn every misfortune for my good
  58. I am ready for a new level of success
  59. I am a positive influence in my family this new year
  60. I am grateful for every moment I am alive
  61. This new year, I am a light in the darkness
  62. I shall always prevail over all forces of darkness
  63. I am operating in divine wisdom
  64. I am allowing divine power to be displayed in my life
  65. I am kind to all
  66. I am receiving deeper revelation of God’s unconditional love for me
  67. Business opportunities are being presented to me
  68. I am rising higher and higher in life
  69. My inner man is prevailing over the flesh
  70. I recognize that I am a spirit
  71. I am attaining higher and deeper levels of spirituality
  72. I bring joy, peace and inspiration wherever I go
  73. I am blessed with the power and the means to achieve my goals
  74. I am experiencing higher levels of freedom
  75. The enemies I saw in the past, I shall see no more
  76. My territory is enlarged
  77. I believe in God
  78. I believe in me
  79. I am manifesting more of who I am in Christ
  80. This new year shall bring me glad tidings
  81. I am forming and embracing healthy relationships
  82. I shall not be a slave to anyone or to anything
  83. I am growing in awareness of who I am in Christ
  84. This new year, I shall be more productive than before
  85. I am putting my God-given talents and gifts to greater use
  86. I have friends in high places
  87. All of heaven is on my side
  88. I am attaining new levels of understanding and knowledge
  89. I am allowing the Holy Spirit to guide me to my best life
  90. I am managing my time more efficiently
  91. I am highly motivated
  92. I love the life God has given me and I am making the most of it
  93. I am growing in wealth, success and prosperity
  94. Whoever encounters me this year shall experience the love and power of God
  95. I am becoming stronger and stronger
  96. I am a breath of fresh air wherever I go
  97. I am making wise decisions about relationships
  98. I am no longer limited by fear and doubt
  99. I am free from all condemnation, guilt and shame
  100. I am and shall always be thankful. Amen.

Enjoy 2020!



Overcome Self-Imposed Limitations

A key component of being successful is to break free from self-imposed limitations. These limitations are limits you set in your mind about who you are, what you can do and what you can become. You don’t need to worry about others limiting you. No one can make you become what you don’t want to become. And no one can stop you from becoming what you want to become.

You are a powerful being endued by God with tremendous supernatural ability. When it comes to limitations, you’re the one person who can limit you. Success begins when you stop worrying about others and start focusing on what you can do with the potential residing in you. 

God placed great potential in Moses and called him to lead the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. But, Moses did everything possible to talk himself out of it (see Exodus 4:10-17). God saw greatness in Moses, but Moses insisted he wasn’t capable. Moses was stuck in his self-imposed limitations. If God had given up on him, Moses would have missed his call to greatness.

Another example. God called Gideon to go and deliver Israel from the oppression of the Midianites (see Judges 6:1-16). The angel’s first words to Gideon were, “The LORD is with you, you mighty man of valor!” But like Moses, Gideon was stuck in self-imposed limitations. The more God called him mighty, the more Gideon insisted he wasn’t capable. If God had given up convincing him, Gideon wouldn’t be the famous judge of Israel we know today.

My question for you today is, “Have you set any limits in your mind about who you are, about what you can do and who you can become? Are you talking yourself out of your dreams? Are you stuck in self-imposed limitations?” Don’t let fear and doubt keep you from rising to the top. God has destined you for greatness. Gravitate toward your destiny with confidence and gratitude.

Say with me:

“I am grateful for my destiny. God has called me to greatness. I recognize the greatness in me. I am letting go of doubt and fear. I let go all self-imposed limitations. I am keeping my mind open to unlimited possibilities of breakthrough, success and blessings. I am a child of the Most High. I have a wonderful life. In Jesus Name. Amen.”

Elevate Your Value

Daily Devotion | Day 287

“Are not five sparrows sold for two copper coins? And not one of them is forgotten before God. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Do not fear therefore; you have more value than many sparrows” (Luke 12:6-7).

Fear does a lot of things to people. If people knew in spirit what fear does to them, they would do whatever it takes to eliminate it. On multiple occasions, Jesus addressed this problem, because He knew that fear hurts our cause. Indeed, fear is the enemy of progress. Fear is a form of bondage. To be truly free in life, you need to overcome fear once and for all. In the devotional message sent out a few days ago, I stated that fear interferes with faith. I mentioned also that whatever you fear, that thing has power over you. We scratched the surface on this last point. Today, we want to expand it by looking at what Jesus said in our opening Scripture passage.

Jesus addressed fear by using an example familiar to people of His time. For two copper coins, one could by five sparrows. At that time, a copper coin was worth very little. That one could buy five sparrows for two copper coins shows that sparrows were very cheap. In using the example of sparrows, Jesus wanted to put across the idea of worthlessness. Then He says that despite their cheap market value, not one of the sparrows is forgotten by God. Sparrows have vale before God. And, it is why God does not forget or neglect them. Things of value are treated with care.

Jesus is now ready to draw a lesson from the life of sparrows and apply it to the people. He says, “the very hairs of your head are all numbered.” God has numbered the hair on our head, because every detail of our life is of value to Him. To conclude His point, Jesus says, “Do not fear therefore; you have more value than many sparrows.” Notice the point Jesus is making. He wants us to realize that there’s a close relationship between fear and self-value. What does this mean for us?

In God’s eyes, you are of great value. However, your attitude can affect your sense of self-worth. God has given you the power to set your self-value. You do this through your choices, especially through the things you speak and the things you do.

Fear lowers your value. When you entertain thoughts or feelings of fear, panic and anxiety, you reduce your worth. And when you reduce your worth, you reduce your strength. To borrow an expression from modern parlance, fear is an “energy vampire.” It will drain you of energy, life and inspiration. You should, therefore, eliminate fear and replace it with faith and serenity. While fear lowers your value, faith elevates it.

Learn to inspire yourself. The most inspiring people are those who have learned to self-motivate. You can’t always rely on others to motivate you. The best motivation comes from within you. Reject fear. Embrace faith, and elevate your value.

BlessingMay the angels of God guard you today in all your ways. Amen.

For further study1 Samuel 17:4-58

Stay Motivated. Expect Jesus.

Daily Devotional: Day 39

“Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be; but we know that, when he [Jesus] shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure” (1 John 3:2-3, KJV).

Expectation triggers motivation. And motivation leads to preparation. If you’re not expecting anything or anyone, you prepare differently or you don’t prepare at all. Whatever you’re hoping for (expecting) in life motivates you to prepare accordingly. This can be applied to many aspects of life including marriage, career, vocation, academia, etc. We must not underestimate the power of expectation. When you’re looking forward to something of value, it keeps you motivated. This creates the incentive to put in all the work necessary for welcoming that reality. If, however, you’re not looking forward to anything worthwhile, you feel like there’s nothing to live for; this can trigger lethargy and unhappiness. In short, you stay motivated when you have a worthy goal in view. The same is true of our relationship with Jesus. This brings us to today’s Bible passage, in which John urges the children of God to stay motivated through constant expectation of Jesus.

Expectation of Jesus’ coming is a great motivation for living a holy life, i.e. keeping yourself pure from the contamination of sin and the lusts of the flesh. Today, not many professed Christians value a life of holiness. No wonder, because few professed Christians today can be said to be actively looking forward to the coming of Jesus. The point is, the degree to which you’re expecting Jesus greatly influences the degree of your preparation to meet Jesus. John says anyone who is expecting to meet Jesus keeps himself pure as he [Jesus] is pure. The context here is about moral purity. The Bible’s logic is simple: Jesus is pure. When he appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is. If we truly have this hope, naturally, we’ll feel motivated to keep ourselves pure. Let’s stay motivated. Let’s prepare to welcome Jesus. 


Daddy, thank you the privilege to be called your child. I know that I’m yours now. And when Jesus is revealed, I shall be like him for I shall see him as he is. By your Spirit in me, enable me to prepare for Christ’s coming by keeping myself pure. With you, all things are possible. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.

For further study: Romans 8:16-39